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Simplifying life in the Corona virus era

A unique time

I think it’s safe to say that not only is this corona situation we’re all in unsettling, it’s also an interesting time nevertheless. Watching each country and how they’re being affected and the losses of life and economy are something the world has never experienced before. Our kids will be telling their grandkids about what we’re going through as our grandparents talked about the Great Depression and WW2 and as we talk about 9/11.

These are all watershed moments of huge consequence. Some of us will be traumatised by the experience and some will get through relatively unscathed. Calls for people to come together, to act with kindness and be community minded are daily occurrences whether they’re on the telly or Facebook or via Zoom meetings. Acts of generosity and inner strength remind us of how great it feels to be of service to others!

And I also think, this will have profound effects on our post-Rona lives. We have been reminded that we don’t need to go shopping, over spending and eating out all the time It’s made us stop and reflect. It’s made us spend more time at home with our families. This can only be a good thing. My husband and kids and I have come to enjoy the extra time we’ve had together and the lack of running around to various sporting things has been rather blissful if I’m honest. It’s shown me that we can pivot and adapt to abrupt changes pretty well. Even the home schooling hasn’t killed us (as trying as it was at times!).

Time for reflection and appreciation

It’s a time to take stock – not just of our things, but how we live….what we actually need and how we’d like to live. Time of reflection and planning for ‘after’. I know I’ll enjoy going to the shops again rather than ordering necessities online. But I’m also bracing myself for the cathcup I’m anticipating – at work, at the kids’ schooling and sporting activities. I have a feeling we will almost burst out when we’re allowed to. But for now, it’s nice to just stop.

One of the greatest reminders during this time is that the most important things in life are health and time – both of which can let us live richer lives enjoying the company of our loved ones. The corona virus has shown us how brutal it can be. It takes no prisoners and it can kill so quickly. For some there has been no time to plan for death and no opportunity to say goodbye. So we can learn from this and let our loved ones know now (& often) how precious they are to us.