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Our combined team can:

1) help you decide which items can stay in the house

2) help you pack everything up

3) arrange storage at competitive rates

4) provide the team to move them to and from storage

(if it's in Sydney)

5) help fill any styling gaps - such as furniture, artworks, lamps, soft furnishings - to help present the house at it's best


Start with a 20min zoom discovery call

Then book in for a minimum 4 hour declutter session $300

A packing service is brought in for big jobs & is quoted as needed

Moving and storage is also quoted on a job by job basis

Rental of furniture, art etc to finish styling can be quoted  

Declutter, style, store, move!

Sounds simple enough, right?

If you're selling your house, you'll have a verrrrry long list of things to do, with packing up your house a major part of the journey.

Real estate agents will want to present the house at it's marketing best.  This often means making the spaces feel as big as possible which is done by removing all furniture but the bare minimum.  


It also means  stripping the home of any personal items.  This is to help potential buyers picture themselves living there (which is difficult if there are photos of you and your family all over!).


The process of preparing the house for sale can quickly feel overwhelming because of the looming deadlines: open for inspections and moving out.  People also often see this as an opportunity to let some things go and as such it can be an emotional time because, in a sense, it is saying goodbye to things associated with special people and moments in time.

So sometimes, people can't make decisions what to keep and what to let things go and they're under pressure from the agent to get the house ready for sale, so the stress increases!  


The great news is....we can help!

We've teamed up with Tony & Ingela from Before & After to provide you with a seamless service to declutter, style and store your items - and helping present your home at it's best!

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