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5 reasons to declutter your apps

Not many people think about decluttering their phone but it can make a difference on a number of different fronts. So here are the top 5 reasons why you should declutter your apps:

1) Updated apps are about battery optimisation! Some apps run background processes that can absolutely chew up your battery life, so if you don't use it, delete it! Seriously!

2) Updated apps often use memory more efficiently. That means things can function more quickly. I personally hate buffering, so I'm in!

3) Google may block outdated apps as it looks to improve security of android phones in particular. It's aim is to prevent idle apps from accessing smartphone's mic and cameras thereby recording things for the wrong reasons. If you don't use it, minimise any risk and delete any apps - you never know if it can be used for the wrong reasons

4) Hackers love holes in security and outdated apps or software can provide them that hole. No one loves getting infected by malware, right? We love keeping our data safe, right?

5) Who could be bothered swiping through the myriad of unused apps to find the one we're looking for. I got things to do and peeps to see, so getting rid of apps I need to swipe over suits me right down to the ground.

Want some great ideas of how you can organise your apps?

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