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9 of the best reasons to declutter, you'll want to start now!

Most people groan at the thought of decluttering: it's such a chore, it can be emotional and put off as too difficult. But there are some very beneficial reasons to declutter and here are 9 of the best reasons to declutter, you'll want to start this very moment!

1) Make room for new memories and goods.

There are loads of techniques out there such as the "one out, one in" method of decluttering where you can only bring home something new if you get rid of something old. This isn't a bad approach, but can be a bit harder to police (ourselves!). A seasonal purge works best for me where I go through last year's clothes before putting them in the wardrobe ready for the new winter or summer. I find that a few month's away from last season's items gives me better objectivity and it is easier to make decisions on whether those things should stay or go. So, I quickly put aside things for charity which makes room for the new season's yummy things!

With sentimental things, some people find that if they hold negative memories, they don't want to keep them. This can free your mind and space of heavy feelings about an experience or a person.

2) Make some money

You may have things in your cupboards that you can sell and get some money back. Don't keep holding on to things through laziness! Put aside a day clear them out of storage, and pop them on ebay or Facebook marketplace, buy-swap-sell sites or online community noticeboards. Make sure you include a couple of good photos, dimensions and the condition they're in (be brutally honest here). Clear them out and get the cash to use for something nice!

3) Less visual noise

No one - well not many - enjoy being in a cluttered space. It's unsettling and you can feel unsure about why. When my place is cluttered (usually during school holidays!) I feel compelled to try and get it back under control. I can't quite relax in the space properly until it's all back in order.

4) It's easier if you do it often

If you declutter regularly, it's much easier to keep on top of it....it isn't such a mountain of a task and is therefore less likely to put off! Even if it's just a little bit every week or two, or bigger cleanses every quarter, getting into some sort of habit makes it so much more manageable!

5) It saves time

Let's face it.....less stuff requires less time to maintain it all! Less dusting, less, organ