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Down-loadable and printable labels for storage tubs to help easily identify the contents. 


Three lines for you to fill in:

  • Contents:  a brief description such as "Decorations"
  • Season: may refer to Winter or Summer, OR to events such as Christmas or Halloween
  • Expiry Date: sometimes if you're not sure if you should keep things or not, pop an expiry date of a few months into the future. If byt then you still haven't used them, you can probably let me go.  You may not need an expiry date, in which case, you can just write "NA"


There are three pages in this download with each page having a different feature colour.  If you're a visual person (like me) differentiating by colour may make it easier to find things when needed.


Just follow these simple steps 

  • Download
  • Print
  • Laminate 
  • Cut out
  • Stick to front of box


- Print at home using high quality photo paper
- Print at your local print shop
- Print using an online printing service

- This is a DIGITAL ITEM & no physical item will be shipped to you.
- The color of your print may be slightly different to what is displayed on your screen
- Because of the nature of this item (Custom Order), there are no refunds
- Feel free to print this item as many times as you like :)

Labels: storage boxes

    Decluttering Queen Printables are for PERSONAL USE ONLY and cannot be resold and/or distributed for any reason.

    COPYRIGHT DECLUTTERING QUEEN: All images, designs, and text are copyrighted and cannot be stored, reproduced, or used without obtaining prior written consent from the owner.

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