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What is clutter anyway?

Clutter.  It has the ability to overwhelm and exhaust.  It’s a first world problem, and yet so many of us struggle to get on top of it. 


When our homes are free of clutter, it feels airy and organised.  We feel a type of freedom. There’s less visual noise allowing us to focus on more important things and freeing us up time from dealing with the same old clutter-related challenges over and over. 

Like nearly everyone, I’ve dealt with my fair share of clutter.  And, after years of trying different techniques and making mistakes, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution! 

Some people experience sentimentality differently to others.  Some are more fashion conscious so have a lot more clothes.  Some people have heaps of storage and can hold onto more stuff than others.  Not all approaches work for all. It’s a matter of working out what works for YOU! 

For me, it’s about balance:   I have some things with great meaning that I need to store well and then there are things that I easily let go of when the time comes.  I am fascinated by our connection to things and love finding ways to minimise clutter for good.  I hope you find these pages helpful for  your clutter journey!

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DIY pantry labels

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A little about me

I'm a mum to two sports obsessed kids.  I run a business.  My husband also runs a business.  We have a ridiculously spoilt (but adorable!) poodle and we all live in a colourful Glebe terrace. 

I love simple things like vanilla icecream with sprinkles.  And shoes. Oh yeah, do I love shoes!  And it pains me to say, but there's only so much shoe storage in my house, I have to limit them!


I grew up in the country, five hours west of Sydney.  We had a huge house and my mum kept EVERYTHING!


I have had to learn how to declutter by trial and error, reading and watching everything I could get my eyes on!  


I've experienced regrets and developed techniques to manage that and to win the war on clutter.  And let me tell you folks, that war never bloody stops!  But if you do a little often you can really cut down on the overwhelm.  

I love helping people and hearing about how they've overcome their clutter challenges.

So, don't feel embarrassed or shy.  I look forward to sharing real tips and techniques and hearing your stories too!





Glebe NSW Australia


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